I’m contributing work from ‘Atlas’ to an exhibition that forms part of the London Festival of Architecture. Work from lots of schools of architecture and friends – details as below. It’ll be great to see a real range of explorations around an area of such rich interest and national exposure. Come down and check it out.

“Between the A12 and River Lea: an exposition of academic speculations beyond 2012”


edit: Just reviewed in the August edition (317) of Blueprint Magazine, with a snippet of my work – thanks guys!


Hello! Bit of a catch up here. I’ve been delighted to be involved in the Project Context ‘Forum’ – one of 21 graduates whose work has been chosen to highlight and discuss issues surrounding architectural education and drawing.

The piece i submitted was one of a small series of (relatively) quick, pencil drawn ‘glimpses’ from users viewpoints in the project. Here, the ‘architecture’ is canvas or background whilst the importance and detail is attached to the workshop users tools, lamp, bench – the objects they touch and use everyday.

The exhibition has already passed through London, Sheffield and Edinburgh, but can also be checked out online here.

(From my thesis project: An Atlas of Erasure)